High Peak Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers

This is a brand new website. We are just starting development so we hope you will come back from time to time to see how we are getting on. We will soon have a blog where members can post their interests, ask for help and offer advice. But not yet for a day or two (we hope). In the meantime, we offer some information about the High Peak Guild: our purpose and objectives and our upcoming meetings. If you have an interest in textile crafts -- whether spinning, weaving, dyeing, or their use in felting, knitting or anything of that sort -- we hope you will attend our meetings as visitors to see what a fun and interesting group we are and then, if youy like, join as members.

We are just getting started so the group is quite small but very welcoming.

Our objectives

The objectives of the High Peak as specified in our constitution are:

  1. To promote, maintain and advance the skills associated with weaving, hand spinning and dyeing;
  2. To share members’ knowledge and experience;
  3. To disseminate knowledge and to encourage and foster a wider participation in these and associated crafts.


Our meetings generally take place at Whaley Hall in Whaley Bridge A map to find the venue is here. The Hall is a bit dilapidated but it offers good facilities and the management is very accommodating.

Next meeting on 10th February 2019

Katie and Henry Rockcliff have developed a smallholding in Chinley based on Icelandic sheep and chickens. They use the fleece in their own crafts — spinning and felting. The have adapted their fleece processing to accommodate the facilities in their house. For example, Henry spins in the grease because of the difficulties of drying fleece once scoured.

Henry and Katie will describe the joys and tribulations of developing their smallholding as well as the special features of Icelandic fleece for spinning, weaving and felting.

Meeting on 13th January 2019

Members and visitors with an interest in spinning, weaving and/or dyeing.

Scott Moss brought examples of fleece that had been washed using caustic, soap and a commercial scouring agent. Several members were present who have considerable experience of wool scouring and whose contributions to the discussion were informative and interesting to all (including Scott).

Dorothy Lumb brought a selection of different types of spindle and other simple spinning devices both to demonstrate and for people to have a go for themselves. Scoured fleece exhibited in the first part of the morning was available for trying the spindles.

We start at 10 for 10:30 with lunch break (bring your own).
Sit and spin / weave / chat in the afternoon.
Visitors and new members welcome,
£5 per visitor or £3 per member includes teas & coffees with baked goods provided by members.